360 Thinking: Helping you Understand your Customers and Improve your Marketing

Specialities: Google Analytics analysis, implementation and reporting.

  • I help small businesses use Google Analytics: implementing it, fixing tracking issues and interpreting the data to help you understand your website visitors better and make your website more effective.
  • I can help you identify which marketing channels to spend more money on, which landing pages need changing and which parts of your shopping cart are losing you customers.
  • I can check for tracking issues, including tracking across websites, migrate your code to Google Tag Manager, and help you upgrade to Universal Analytics and make the most of the new features it provides.

To discuss my services then please call me: 07390 916442, email me: info@360null-Thinking.co.uk, or use the contact form below:

I’m London based, but I work with clients all over the UK. If you’re local, I’m happy to visit to discuss my services – please get in touch!

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07930 916442


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